Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Interview With Gary Streeter MP

On Monday I spoke with Gary Streeter MP, the Chairman of Christians in Parliament, about the organisation and it's aims. I first of all asked what it was about, to which his reply was that it was an all-Party Parliamentary Group that met for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study! The sheer presence of the organisation is to be a good witness. Some MP's receive letters from Christians, or those who claim to be, with aggressive  and critical attacks, which as Gary says, is a "Very bad witness!" and whilst it's important to pray for them, it is also important for Christians to try and be positive at all times.
He also notes there is less ideological differences between MP's compared to the 1980s, there is more cross party consensus, in spite of the seeming growing aggression of the weekly Prime Ministers Questions which he describes as "Theatre". It isn't reflective, he says, and Westminster behind the scenes is "more grown up"
Some have concerns and issues to which they think Chirstians in Parliament might provide hard and fast theological answers. Not so, Christians in Parliament has "No policy" and "a whole plethora of views" , the aims of Christians in Parliament is to grow, to be "more organised, reaching out to Christians, supporting one another"
That may be simplistic, but Gary may well have a point. When it goes to brass tacks the Gospel is about the Love of Christ for mankind and how he showed that love, and any decent Christian organisation in valuable places must do well not to put obstacles in people's path

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